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Volume 2


Foreword by Justice C.K. Thakker

Lawrence Lessig, Code: Version 2.0 – Intellectual Property

Divya Subramaniam, Resurrecting Roscoe Poung in Section 3(d): The Glivec Governance

Arun Mohan, Viacom v YouTube: A Dispute Over the Future of Digital Media

Shamnad Basheer & Mrinalini Kochupillai, TRIPS, Patents and Parallel Imports in India: A Proposal for Amendment

Girish Kumar R. & Relfi Paul, Rights of Broadcasting Organizations: So We Need Legal Reform?

Tabasum Wani, Patient’s Access to Pills: Fight Between Generic and Brand-name Drugs Continues

Swaraj Paul Barooah & Shivaji Bhattacharya, Comparative Advertisements: Balancing Consumer Interest vis-a-vis IPR Infringement

Nadia Lambek, Imposing IP Complaince: Trends in the USTR Special 301 Reports for India and China from 2000-2008

Lawrence Liang, Meet John Doe’s Order: Piracy, Temporality and the Question of Asia

Latha R. Nair, How Fair are The Fair Dealing Exceptions Under Indian Copyright Law?

Mandavi Singh, Intellectual Property: The Dominant Force in Future Commercial Transactions Comprising Mergers and Acquisitions

Volume 3


Foreword by Justice S. Ravindra Bhat

Michele Boldrin & David K. Levine, Does Intellectual Monopoly Help Innovation?

Mark A. Lemley, A Cautious Defense of Intellectual Oligopoly With Fringe Competition

Joseph M. Beck , Allison M. Scott, & Katharine M. Sullivan, Crossing Borders or Crossing Swords: Conflicts In ‘Moral Rights’ and ‘Fair Use’ In the Digital World

Sumathi Chandrashekaran, From Laddu to GI and After: A Post-Grant Analysis of the Tirupati Laddu Registration

Raag Yadava, Excluding the Troll: An Attempt To Reform Patent Law

Adithya Reddy & Gowtham Shivshankar, Legal Protection for Fashion Designs

Stephen M. McJohn, Book Review: Leverage: Review of Dan L. Burk & Mark A. Lemley, The Patent Crisis and How The Courts Can Solve It

Rodney D. Ryder, Book Review: Issues in Internet Law: Society, Technology, and the Law, 2008 Edition, Paperback, Keith B. Darrell

Volume 4


Foreword by Prof. Faizan Mustafa

Amir H. Khoury, Brands as Food for Thought: The Case for Regulating Food Brands

Pubali Sinha Chowdhury, Right to Read: Time to Recognize Rights of Print Disabled under Indian Copyright Law

Manu Chaturvedi, Moral Rights in India: A Call for Holistic Review

Kunal Ambasta, Trademark Licensing and Trafficking in Trademarks: Does the Law Promote it?

Sapna Raheem, Obviousness In Chemical And Biotechnology Patents: A Post Ksr V. Teleflex Analysis

Hima Bindu Killi, Understanding the Machine-or-Transformation Test: Bilski Et Al., V. Kappos

Subhajit Banerji & Anagh Sengupta, The Effect of the Indian Patents (2005) Amendment on the Pharmaceutical Industry and Access to Medicines in India

J. Sai Deepak, Section 107A(b) of the Patents Act: Why it May Not Refer to or Endorse Doctrine of International Exhaustion?

Gaurav Mukherjee & Srishti Kalro, What is the Confusion over Dilution? Towards a Meaningful Understanding of Section 29(4) of the Trademarks Act, 1999

V. C. Vivekanandan, Book Review: Nanotechnology Intellectual Property Right – Research, Design, and Commercialization, Prabuddha Ganguli and Siddharth Jabade, CRC Press (Taylor and Francis Group)

Volume 5


Srividhya Ragavan, India’s Attempt to Reconcile Diversity and Intellectual Property Issues

Sheetal Chopra, Inadequate Protection Against Piracy: Copyright Amendments Inadequate

J. Sai Deepak, The Novartis Decision of the Indian Supreme Court: A Pill by any Other Name would Treat as Neat 

Arnab Naskar & Shubhangi Gupta, Digital Rights Management: A Pandora’s Box Trying to Wipe Off the Rights of Consumers

Deepika Sekar and H Aishwarya, “A Re-Look Into Compulsory Licensing: After Natco v. Bayer

Ramyaa Veerabathran, (B) Adwords? – Competition and IPR Law Implications of Google’s Search/Advertising Platform

Tarun Krishnakumar, ‘All Your Intellectual Property are Belong to Us’: How Copyright and Patent ‘Trolls’ are Questioning the Jurisprudential Foundations of Treating Intellectual Property as ‘Property’

A.S. Vishwajith & Samira Varanasi, I am mine.. Or am I? Analyzing the Need for a Property Right in Personal Information

V. C. Vivekanandan, ‘Constitutionalizing Intellectual Property’ by Dr. Uday Shankar & Mr. Saurabh Bindal (2012) – Book Review

Volume 6


Sumer Dayal, Redefining Patentability: The Impact of Novartis v. Union of India on TRIPS, Trade and the Balance of Power between Developed and Developing Nations

Dr. Edem E. Udoaka, Critical Appraisal of the Problems in Licensing of Patents in  Nigeria

Meenakshi Ramesh Kurpad & Sreyan Chatterjee, Copyright Law and Parallel Importation in Textbooks

Ishan Seth, Of Free Trade and Intellectual Property Restrictions

Namrata Dawar and Pooja Kumari, Compulsory License for Pharmaceuticals in India: Balancing the Conflict of Interest

Samyak Sibasish and Yogini Oke, An Intellectual Property Rights Approach to Privacy

Leo Paul Johnson, Intellectual Property Monetisation

Narahari  Kulkarni, Analysis of Statutory Provisions Relating to Patent Agent in India

Varsha Deiveegan, What’s in a Name: The Copyleft Clause of the Free Software Movement

Balaji Subramanian, Garcia v. Google and the Rise of Copyright Censorship

V. C. Vivekanandan, Book Review: Methods and Perspectives in Intellectual Property by Graeme B. Dinwoddie

Volume 7


Srividhya Ragavan, Sean Flynn & Brook Baker, Justifying India’s patent position to the United States International Trade Commission and Office of the United States Trade Representative

Meenakshi Rao Kurpad, The Crack in the Wall: Parallel importation as a “flexibility” within the Indian patent system to ensure access to medicine

Srimukundan R., The Licensing Dilemma: A ‘Patents-Exchange’ to the rescue

Alwyn Sebastian, Joint Authorship in Cinematographic Films : The Conundrum of the Primary Director

Tania Singla, Post-Registration Quality Control Measures for Geographical Indications in India: The Way Forward

Ryan Logan, Do you want to know a (Trade) Secret?—A Critique of Privacy Issues Paramount to Trade Secret Law

V.C. Vivekanandan, ‘Piracy in the Indian Film Industry – Copyright and Cultural Consonance’ Book by Arul George Scaria (2014)

Volume 9


Samyukta Ramaswamy & Sanjana Banerjee, For a Borderless Digital Market: Resolving the Conflict Between Geo-Blocking and Free Access to Services in the European Union

Tayebeh Saheb, Swing Ownership of Academic Inventions (A Model Based on the Concept of Justice with reference to Iranian Legal System)

Kuruvila M Jacob & Nidhi Kulkarni, Non-Conventional Trademarks: Has India Secured an Equal Footing?

Lovish Garg, Trademarking Religion — Examining the Judicial Conundrum of Section 9(2)(b) of Indian Trademarks Act

Volume 10


Volume 11

Volume 11, 2020 is available in full here.

Irene Calboli, Geographical Indications of Origin, Economic Development, and Cultural Heritage: Good Match or Mismatch?

Mira Burri and Zaira Zihlmann, Intermediaries’ Liability in light of the Recent Copyright Reform

Michael Palmedo and Srividhya Ragavan, The U.S. Posture on Global Access to Medication & the Case for Change

Tyler T. Ochoa, Extraterritorial Application of U.S Copyright Law in Multinational Litigation

Rohan Cherian Thomas, The Bewildering Predicament of Voice Actors in India: A Performers’ Right Tragedy

Anindita Mitra and Eashan Ghosh, A Case for Retaining Transnational Reputation Under Indian Trademark Law

Pranay Bali and Nayantara Malhotra, To Block or Not to Block?: Analyzing the Efficacy of Website Blocking Orders and Dynamic Injunctions in Combating Digital Piracy

Anuna Tiwari, Trademark Exhaustion: A Tale of Two Benches and the Draft E- Commerce Policy

Kali Srikari Kancherla, The Snippet Tax: The Connection Between IPRS and Fake News

A. Swetha Meenal and Sayantan Chanda, Keeping Up with the Machines – Can Copyright Accommodate Transformative Use in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Bhavik Shukla and Iravati Singh, Orphan Drug Exclusivity in India: Need for a Revisit

The Journal is proud to present its twelfth volume, which is available in full here. 

Volume 12 contains the following contributions:

Jagdish Sagar, What is a film, Who is its Author and Who Owns Copyright?                      

Sanya Samtani, ‘IP and’ Claims in India: Integrating International and Domestic Legal Methods  

Eashan Ghosh, A Survey of Contemporary Indian Case Law on Prior Publication of Designs

Advika Muralidharan, An Inky Enigma: the Challenges Associated With Copyright Protection for Tattoos

Emmanuel Oke, The Waiver of The Trips Agreement For COVID-19 at The WTO: A Rhetorical Analysis

Veera Singh, Comparative Analysis of Judicial Enforcement of Trademark Laws in Mauritius With India And South Africa